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    20 Unique Corporate Gifts for Employees & Clients [2020]

    Gone are the days when employee perks consisted of gift cards around the holidays and expensed business lunches. Now, more than ever, companies offer exceptional wellness perks that attract and retain the best employees. From monthly catered lunches to travel stipends, companies continue to explore new and exciting ways to keep employees happy and engaged. 

    But with more people working from home due to COVID-19, how do you safely extend wellness programs to remote employees? One option is to send unique corporate gifts. 

    Instead of the customary branded t-shirt or water bottle, send something memorable. Send employees, and even clients, gift boxes full of products that they’ll love and use.

    At Pampered Post, we create custom gift boxes for remote teams. Self-care is essential for remote teams since they’re juggling more than work. Our boxes include a variety of pampering products that encourage people to take a break and renew their minds.

    Here are some of the creative products we include in gift boxes and are available for you to send to employees and clients.


    Unique Products for Corporate Gifts

    1. Matcha Detoxifying Clay Mask

    Matcha Detoxifying Clay Mask

    The Matcha Detoxifying Clay Mask appeals to a wide range of skin types – it’s the perfect solution for normal, dry, oily, and combination skin types. Each designer cylinder comes with 12 individual, ready-to-use packets.

    Recipients love this unique corporate gift because of the exotic ingredients. There are kombucha and witch hazel to minimize pores and reduce excess oil, and there’s a cactus elixir to reduce redness and moisturize skin.


    2. Body Butter

    Body Butters unique corporate gifts

    An assortment of body butters formulated to provide deep moisturization. Each body butter is a blend of shea butter infused with flower and fruit extracts and coconut oil. 

    Recipients love these body butters because they last for weeks.


    3. 4-Piece Men’s Shaving Kit with Case

    Men's Shaving Kit

    This Men’s Shaving Kit includes a body wash infused with coconut oil, a moisturizing body wash, a face wash, and foam-free shaving cream. After each use, the skin feels refreshed and moisturized because of how each product’s formulation.

    Recipients love these grooming kits because they’re the perfect wellness combo. Each kit includes high-quality skin and hair care products in one place.


    4. Konjac Natural Fibre Cleansing Sponge

    Konjac natural fibre sponge

    This Konjac Natural Fibre Cleansing Sponge consists of high fibre roots found in Asia. Simply wet the sponge and add a cleanser to wash away dirt and dead skin. These sponges come in bamboo charcoal, lemon, green tea, and lavender.

    Recipients love these sponges because they’re great for sensitive skin, gently exfoliate, and help maintain skin’s pH balance.


    5. Aromatherapy Eye Mask

    aromatherapy eye mask

    This Aromatherapy Eye Mask is the perfect solution to reduce stress. These eye masks come with natural clay beads infused with the scent of lavender. Use the eye mask hot or cold to relax or minimize the painful effect of headaches.

    Recipients love the soft, plush cover on this eye mask. The straps are adjustable, so the eye mask is perfect for anyone.


    6. The Wool Facial Brush

    wool facial brush

    Get the day started with this soft wool facial brush. The wool gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and clean.

    Recipients love the quality of this brush – pure virgin wool bristles and a sturdy bamboo handle.


    7. Moisturizing Gel Socks

    moisturizing gel socks unique corporate gifts

    These reusable gel socks keep feet soft and moisturized. Simply slip them on and go about your day – there are even grips at the bottom, so there’s less risk of slipping and sliding in these socks. These moisturizing socks are perfect for wearing to bed. Socks come infused with vitamin E and jojoba oil to soften dry feet.  

    Recipients love these socks because they enjoy the benefits of pedicure from the comfort of their homes.


    8. Chemistry Terrarium Kit

    chemistry terrarium kit

    The chemistry terrarium kit is a mix of science and horticulture. Each kit comes with a hand-blown lab flask with a side window, soil, sand, activated charcoal, coco peat, and pebbles. Just add a plant, and the mini-ecosystem is ready to go.

    This unique corporate gift is perfect for folks science enthusiasts with a green thumb. 


    9. Scented Sachets

    scented sachet unique corporate gifts

    Freshen up a closet, drawer, or any other small space with these scented sachets. There are four scents to choose from: amber, winter garden, white birch, and apple cinnamon.

    Recipients love how versatile these sachets are. Creative ways to use them include sliding them under pillows or cushions, placing them in gym bags, and placing them under car seats or mats.


    10. Ceramic Diffuser Jar and Scented Fragrance Oil

    ceramic diffuser jar and oil

    Add this stylish ceramic diffuser jar to any space. There are four fresh-scented oils to choose from: citrus vanilla, fruitwood spice, dark amber, and basil flower. Each diffuser comes with eight natural reed sticks.

    Recipients enjoy this diffuser set because it fits in with most decor types and fills rooms with a soft, pleasing aroma.


    11. Coffee Mug

    coffee mug unique corporate gifts

    This stylish ceramic coffee mug is the perfect gift to add a smile to anyone’s face. Whether folks enjoy tea or coffee, this 16oz is the best companion for a warm beverage. 

    Recipients love this gift because it’s not your average mug. The white writing stands out from the chic black and gold design.


    12. Glass Water Bottle

    glass water bottle

    Get rid of plastic bottles and use this trendy glass bottle instead. There’s also a black band made from silicone and a durable bamboo lid. The strap is perfect for taking the bottle on runs or walks.

    Recipients love the style and simplicity of this bottle. Plus, the humourous note at the front is a fun addition.


    13. Pyra Pet – Hoppa (bunny) Candle

    pyra pet candle unique corporate gifts

    Burn this candle to reveal a surprise – a sleek aluminum frame. The candle burns for a total of 16 hours. Other Pyra Pets include Kisa (cat), Dyri (reindeer), Einar (unicorn), Dreki (dragon), Voffi (dog), Ugla (owl), and Bibi (bird) in multiple colours.

    People love this candle because it burns differently from regular candles.


    14. Icon Speaker 

    icon speaker

    These wireless Bluetooth speakers are the perfect accessory for music played indoors and outdoors. Each speaker contains durable silicone, and the battery lasts 8 hours. There are three colours to choose from: red, yellow, and blue. 

    Recipients love the fast charge time. It only takes an hour to charge these speakers fully, so it’s back to enjoying their favourite music in no time.


    15. Cooling Towel

    cooling towel

    Cool down with these fun, printed towels. Simply soak a towel in cold water, squeeze out the excess water, and then drape the cloth around the neck. With the handy bottle, wet towels are easy to store. There are four colours to choose from: blue, yellow, orange, and purple.

    Recipients love how easy and convenient it is to use these towels. Especially when they’re on the go.


    16. Cord Bookmark

    cord bookmark

    Add a little flare to books with these inspirational bookmarks. There are three designs to choose from: “enjoy the moment” butterfly, “fall in love” leaf, and “get cozy” flower. They’re the perfect gift for any book lover.

    Recipients can’t get over how classy and beautiful these bookmarks are.


    17. The Hygge Game

    the hygge game

    What’s self-care without a few laughs and pleasant conversation with the people around you? This game promotes togetherness, well-being and coziness. There are over 300 and thought-provoking questions to spark interesting discussions.

    Recipients love The Hygge Game because it’s a great companion for a night in with family and friends.


    18. Playable Art Cube

    playable art cube unique corporate gifts

    Encourage creativity with this artistic cube. The goal is to turn this art piece into a cube and discover new shapes and patterns. There are endless possibilities for designs to make! These art cubes are a great desk accessory for when you need a break from work and tech.

    Recipients love these cubes because they can challenge team members and post their designs on social media.


    19. Envelope Paper Clips

    envelope paper clips

    These envelope-shaped paper clips come in gold and rose gold colours. Each box comes with a set of five trendy paper clips.

    Recipients love how fun and chic these paper clips are. Your employees or clients can stay organized in style while working from home.


    20. Cork Notebook

    cork notebook

    These ultra-modern notebooks come in two sizes – A5 and A6. They’re bound in cork and come with 100-150 lined pages inside. 

    Recipients love the natural look of these notebooks and because they’re the perfect office accessory.


    Why Custom Boxes Are Unique Corporate Gifts

    Corporate gift boxes let you send employees and clients multiple products at once. Recipients get a box full of products they can use for weeks. With only one gift, recipients might use it one time and forget about it. The novelty wears off much quicker.

    Gift boxes are also a great way to show employees and clients you value and appreciate them.


    When to Send Corporate Gifts

    Now that you know what types of unique corporate gifts to send, the sky’s the limit when it comes to occasions that warrant shipping gift boxes. 

    “Just because” gifts for remote teams are a great way to boost morale, but there are lots more options. Go further to nurture the company culture you’ve developed by making a list of special occasions your company celebrates. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    Employee gifts

    • Retirement and tenure 
    • Employee appreciation
    • Company event
    • Trade show booth managers
    • Sales achievements
    • Birthdays
    • New parent gift
    • New promotion 
    • New employee welcome gift
    • Employee referral 
    • Customer engagement
    • End-of-year gifts
    • Employee anniversaries and milestones
    • Company-wide announcements


    Client gifts

    • New client onboarding
    • Holidays
    • Birthdays
    • End-of-year appreciation
    • Customer anniversary
    • Company news


    Benefits of Working With Pampered Post

    At Pampered Post, we help you create experiences within your budget and that employees and clients will value for a long time. 

    Each box is carefully curated, using some of the products above. Gift boxes are also customizable, so they match the culture and vibe of your business. You can even include a personal note to let recipients know who the gift is from and why you’re sending it.  

    Once your unique corporate gifts are ready, they’re shipped directly to recipients to enjoy. You don’t have to coordinate shipping on your end. We’ll send you tracking information, so you know precisely when the boxes arrive at their destinations.

    As a bonus, you can even request to have gift boxes sent regularly. For example, send boxes monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually to give recipients time to use their products, and send another one just in time to remind them it’s time to pamper themselves.


    Up Your Corporate Gift Giving Game 

    Aside from catering to the needs of remote teams and clients, unique corporate gifts are an excellent way to boost business and generate referrals. Each gift you send is your chance to create a remarkable experience. 

    Think about how amazing it’ll be for your client to get a unique birthday present in the mail. Or how happy an employee feels when they get a gift for a significant accomplishment. They’ll appreciate the gift, talk about it within their networks, and share it on social media.

    If you’re ready to start sending unique corporate gifts, visit our official corporate gifting page to get started.


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